Three Military surgeon Whistleblowers give sworn affidavit to increased harm by jabs

They are exposing increases in adverse side affects that this JoeBama administration is assisting Big Pharma by not putting out this info. 1,000% Increase In Neurological 300% Increase Cancer & Miscarriage in 2021 over the five year average Must punish no good Americans.

Ep. 317 Let’s Sweep Around our Own Back Door Before We Go Sweeping Around Others 01-26-2022

Guess appearance on the Everything Home About Us Show With Michelle Swinick 01-31-2022 @2:45pm EST intro music: David Derrick FKA Twist “Be Apostolic”That latest song is a new song called Riding for ChristHere’s the link for his new song: Riding for Christ Please support:Cash App: $ ApostolicConserv to the New News in Christian […]