I Am Will Jones


I was always a Democrat. I grew up with the understanding that all people like me were Democrats, period. However, when I started to realize that their policies and talking points didn’t align with my Christian values I had to do some research and take a hard look at what my truth was.

I am a Christian first. Those convictions must, and do, every thought and action of my life. I believe in the power of prayer and worship.

I am passionate about family, ministry, and politics.

The Apostolic Conservatives show was born from prayer and study. It was a God-given conviction that allowed this show to come to fruition.

My team and I strive to bring you the latest news in a format that matches your Christian values and debunks the mainstream narrative. We know, as Christians, that we are not of this world; but, we are in this world and can affect change if we aren’t fearful and will get to work and spread the truth.

I pray that you find our content informative and helpful. We appreciate your support and prayers.